Removing vines, painting and neighbors….


One of the first things that needed to be done was removing the vines from the exterior of the house. The vines pulls moisture out and can cause cracking.

The weekend before we started on the exterior work, I tried to contact my neighbor that owns the lot next door. He wasn’t home and I left a note introducing myself and telling him about the work. Monday morning the guys start work and at around 5:30PM I get a call from the neighbor. He was upset that that guys left vines on his property ( a lot of vines), I apologized and told him first thing in the morning they will clean it up and it won’t happen again. He then used some profanity and said he wasn’t accepting my apology. I then asked him how could I make it right, and offered to meet him to discuss. He then accused me of his climbing his fence and trespassing.  I told him that no one climbed the fence but rather we scaled down the building to do the work- which since it’s my house I’m allowed to do. I think asserting my new found homeownership set him off because then he said” Well, I’ll have something for you in the morning” and hung up.

Later that evening my project manager went over and talked to him and smoothed things over. Maybe he just needed an apology from a man.  And if the angry neighbor wasn’t enough, the color that my project manager and contractor talked me into for the side of the building is way too light. I should have kept it grey, since the light color just brings out how much work the front of the building needs.  But it’s still a great improvement. Yes, the joys of homeownership.





3 thoughts on “Removing vines, painting and neighbors….

  1. Good luck on your reno cause your going to need it! You can’t beat those friendly Brooklyn neighbors. We have had our share of troubles. We look forward to reading your blog ~A & D –

  2. Your first mistake was not speaking to your neighbor face to face. Always remember these people respect men who can look them straight in the eye, give a good handshake and communicate with respect. Otherwise, it feels like an invasion to residents who have been in their neighborhoods for their entire lives. My husband and I moved into our bed study neighborhood two years ago and everyone on our block has been there 40+ years. We speak to everyone and we personally go speak to neighbors before doing any work, and that includes speaking to renters as well as owners. It means a lot to them.

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “these people” but I think everyone prefers face to face contact. And I would have loved my first interaction with my neighbor to have been face to face. But unfortunately after a week of trying to reach him my only choice was to leave a note. In hindsight, perhaps I should have tried a little longer but after waiting so long to close on the house, I was eager to get started. But one day I hope to share a beer with that neighbor and we’ll be able to laugh about it.

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