This is what $4500 looks like


This is what $4500 looks like

Yesterday, the blog got a nice feature in Brownstoner. I’ll be cross blogging once a week to the Brownstoner audience. I’m super excited about this and I want to thank everyone for their nice emails and comments. In fact, one of the comments encouraging me to keep going and not give up almost brought tears to my eyes- especially, after the horrid day in court with the tenant from hell. And for the record the NYC landlord tenant court is unfair and leaves small landlords vulnerable to professional freeloaders.

Since, we last left off I got a violation from National Grid.  When they came a few weeks ago to turn on the heat they found several gas leaks. Well, come to find out I needed a new gas line for the entire building- which set me back $4500! Anyway, keep the words of encouragement coming, I need them right about now.