What’s new in 2014

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The New Year came and went and I still have the Section 8 tenant I’ve been trying to evict still in place. Which means I’m no closer to beginning the renovations in the duplex. She missed her December rent and we had an eviction date but the judge not only gave her a stay but allowed her to back out of the agreement and pay December and January rent late. I was out of town for the “stay” hearing , so not actually sure what she told the judge. Plus, she’s had a new section 8 voucher for several months now, which leads me to believe she’s waiting on a payoff from me that will never come.  Tenant court in this city is such a joke. The next eviction date is February 28th- please send me all the positives vibes you can.

But the good news is that my other tenants are doing great and life is the rental is quite good. Oh and I’ve been getting along great with the neighbors. They’ve been really looking out for me and even been helping with shoveling snow and encouraging me to keep going with the renovations.  All in all things are pretty good.


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