Renting the one bedroom

We’re about five weeks away from being completed in the duplex. Will everything be done in five weeks? Who knows but I just listed the rental unit- click here. I might be pushing the price slightly for the location but hey a studio next door is asking $1900. We’ll see how it goes.
Here are some before and after photos. I apologize that not all the pictures were taken from the same angle.

Here’s what changed in the rental.

New tiles, shower head and medicine cabinet. I kept the tub, toilet and sink. I painted the vanity and added a faucet . I also, moved the door to bathroom from the bedroom to the hallway.
Bathroom Before:
Old bathroom

Photos after the break…..

Bathroom After:

Living room:
I sanded and stained the floors an ebony color throughout the apartment. I also knocked down a wall to open up the kitchen to the living room. Besides the floors, the wall and a new coat of paint not much changed in the living room
Living room Before:
Living room before
Living room After:

Updated Living Room

Updated Living Room


Opened the wall to the living room. New backsplash, refrigerator, countertop, washer/dryer hook-up and floor tiles. I painted the cabinets as well. The majority of the work in this unit went into the kitchen.
Kitchen Before:
Kitchen Before
Kitchen After:
Updated Kitchen
Besides the painting and floors not much changed in the bedroom. I updated the lighting, closed off the door to the bathroom and put an ikea closet up for more storage.
Bedroom Before:
Bedroom before
Bedroom After:


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